The TC-2

TC-2 means : Thread Controller 2nd generation.

The TC-2 is a handloom. It has an auto advance and auto tension feature as well as other superb capabilities like warp thinning that makes experimenting and innovation possible rapidly, in your studio or working space.

The heddles are lifted by vacuum and are controlled digitally.

The software that interprets the files and connects with the loom is provided. It can accept tiff, .jpg, .bmp, and .wif file formats.

Industry software  that can export files in these formats work easily. I use ArahWeave and Photoshop. I have travelled all over the North America training offering workshops and providing support. I regularly return to Norway to get updated and am in pretty constant communication at other times.

The TC-2 can be controlled from a Mac, or a PC with Linux or windows

The TC-2 is modular, and therefore easy to configure and reconfigure!

The TC-2 is delivered with an interactive manual that includes animations and video. All steps and processes are thoroughly explained, starting with the assembly of the loom frame, the configuration and initialization of the loom. The manual also covers how to handle basic operations such as winding on a warp and the threading of the heddles.

The TC-2 has it's own IP address! This means that the digital weaving engineers may log on to the loom if it is connected to an open network. They can then perform checks, do diagnostics and assist in detecting possible errors.

The software and firmware can be updated through a built in software command, so not even this will require assistance from us!

Our ambition is to provide help for the customer within hours rather than having to wait for a service technician to arrive.

I am here in the US and can provide a quick response to questions and inquiries and am well connected (like family) to Digital Weaving Norway.

The website at DWN is continually being updated. 



The TC-2 can be configured in the following ways....

The TC-2 can be configured in the following ways....

conversion to inches

conversion to inches




This is the TC-1 and TC-1 youtube channel. There are a lot of great videos here demonstrating functions of the loom and activities at DWN.


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